Christina Khalil Dear Lover Try On


Christina Khalil Dear Lover Try On. Patreon try on video with some valentines lingerie sets.


  1. please stop posting her shit.. I think everyone is in agreement her content is boring af and just no different than her last video.. I really wish people would stop contributing to her.. hell I’m sure even females are bored with her.. her and Kat and vicky are played out.. wish there was a way to get their patreons shut down.. waste of time and money… everyone paying to them is just paying for their bills, new homes, new cars, etc.. so in a way they are just pimping everyone lmao shittty

  2. can you imagine if this was flipped and you were a guy who didn’t want to show your abs, your ass and definitely not your dick but all the while you’r buying motorcycles, lambos and clothes out the ass bcause girls are paying for your teases?

    • Guys are suckers for women that they think are attractive, It goes back to year one. You would think that her core Patreon fans ask her to step it up a little, but nope, they just want shitty lotion and feet videos. Any hope for her is gone, I’ve already moved on to other try-on hoes.

  3. Yeah, it seems as if she’s found her right groove of not doing much and making bank. She’s even pricing Lamborghinis and shit. Her first Patreon tryons were sexy as fuck even though she didn’t show nipple – that’s when she was new at it and was trying entice guys to sub. Now she’s gotten comfortable and boring, won’t even show her whole pastied breast like she used to.

  4. The way she shows the ass is very funny and uncovered.
    But we need see trough over the nipples, nipple slips, and soon or later a real topless!
    In the past, she did some stuff very sexy even with covered nipples.
    I’m talking about the shower video, that is a little masterpiece.
    But now her production is very boring and too similar with the previous.
    I wish nobody will pay anymore to see… nothing and maybe she will change mind.

  5. ah fuck, i suddenly dont have the energy to click play on the video, yet just enough salt to leave this comment….even though im not paying for it, i feel like im being ripped off. Done with her.


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