Vicky Stark Valentines Lingerie


Vicky Stark Valentines lingerie video from her Patreon

Big thanks to the pereson that sent me this


  1. Wtf are you guys on? This video is just like her other videos, she hasn’t toned down anything – It’s just what’s she’s trying on. Like someone else said, everything she trys on isn’t gonna be a hey look at my cunt bikini. You guys need to chill.

    • unfortunately she already made it clear she has to tone it down due to her getting lawyers involved in regards to her content being uploaded else where… here’s one of her comments

      “Tim, if you would like to delete your membership please let me know and I’ll refund you. Unfortunately I have a lot of legal stuff going on with some people stealing my videos so unfortunately I cannot post anything too revealing until that is resolved by my lawyers in the next few weeks.”

      So either way she just needs to stop posting

  2. Stop posting this shit. She’s making her videos much more tame now because you keep posting her videos, and will continue to do so until they’re down.

    • oh well she’ll just be thrown in with the rest of the prudes that want to charge an arm and a leg to barely show anything. I had high hopes for her but if she’s ignorant enough to not know how the game works then she should just quit while she’s ahead. ain’t noone paying for brief a side boob that they can get on YouTube.. either show it all or just fall in like with Kat and Christina and wear nip covers.. no one cares about these damn patreon chicks anymore.. their hauls are boring as fuck and they are scamers for the most part.. admin keep posting my dude.. if dudes don’t want to pay then that’s on them..

      • fact of the matter is if she’s dumb enough not to know that it’s people who are paying for her content that’s uploading it else where then she’s is a fake as her damn boobs… get a grip.. it’s how the game is played.. either go full nude and you’ll have them by the masses fan base wise or risk having your shit stolen and uploaded for the masses… what a joke..

    • hell are you talking about you tard she is still undressing fully without any cuts, still doing closeups, still posing sexy. not her fault the lingerie she wears isn’t some super see-through crotchless shit.

  3. Man idk what it is about her. I don’t even think she’s that hot but she knows exactly how to be sexy. Fuckin mesmerizes me


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